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In order to commemorate the special occasion of the 30th anniversary of Borneo Safari international off road challenge (2022) Isuzu would like to spice things up with a unique twist of adventure by collaborating with its partners to assemble 2 teams of KOL / influencers to take on a side challenge known as the Xtreme Borneo Challenge.

Watch this exhilarating web series that takes 8 city-dwellers into the wild for an exploration like no other. Away from city-living comforts, this will be a physical, mental, and emotional challenge to overcome obstacles and each other.

Can they rise to the occasion and conquer the Borneo wilderness?

Catch Team Isuzu (Adam Lobo, Chai Ling, Wan Li & Chot Kureno) face off against Team Stanley (Che Wey, Desiree, Kenji & Abu Saad) in each webisode with host, Baki Zainal in the center of the action.


Team Isuzu is represented by Adam Lobo, Chai Ling, Wan Li and Chot Kureno.





Team Stanley is represented by Che Wey, Desiree, Kenji and Abu






Episode #6-River Special Stage

EP1 - Bootcamp

EP2 - Kundasang

EP3 - Flag Off

EP4 - Hunter & Hunger

EP5 - Relay Cooking Challenge

EP6 - River Special Stage

EP4 - Hunter & Hunger

EP5 - Relay Cooking Challenge

EP6 - River Special Stage

Tune in every Tuesday & Friday and join our ‘Watch & Win’ contest. Amazing prizes await!

10 lucky winners per webisode will stand a chance to win the following:

RM500 Cash + RM150 Stanley Cash Voucher + RM80 worth of Isuzu Exclusive Merchandise.

featured vehicles

Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain monster unit in Borneo Safari

Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain monster units namely Premium Tough & Sporty Tough, are the main attraction of this show. Premium Tough has heavy-duty Australia brand ARB accessories while Sporty Tough model gets an alluring mix that includes off-road goodies for added flair! Both look sleekly wrapped by SFWDA to complete their respective styles.

See the Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain monster units in action